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Can Falun redeem themselves and take the title? | Playoff preview | SSL 18/19

Regarded as one of the most successful teams of recent years – and perhaps in history of floorball – Falun have their eyes pointed towards the Swedish title after losing in the finals of last season against Storvreta. But first they will have to defeat Pixbo in the quarterfinals.

A silver medal in the SSL, many teams would be satisfied with a second place in world’s toughest league. But Falun is not an ordinary team and has high ambitions – anything else than the title will be an utter disappointment. Can you blame them? They managed to win the league four times in the last six years.

This year they suffered 9 losses of which 3 were in overtime. Dalen took Falun by surprise two times, but the team also had trouble dealing with Pixbo, Helsingborg, Storvreta, Mullsjö, Linköping, Växjö and Sirius. This could serve as a warning but it’s good to realize that all losses were by a small margin: their biggest loss was against Växjö with 6-9.

It’s hard to choose the best players from Falun’s squad. The team is filled with world-class players – not only in the first line but across the entire board. Coach Thomas Brottman can easily fill three lines with world-class players, each of which can compete with the first lines of their opponent. Many regard the famous, old-school squad of Storvreta (2010-2012) led by Mika Kohonen, Henrik Stenberg and Hannes Öhman to be the best in history but the current Falun line-up definitely comes close – or surpasses it depending on who you ask.

Core in the first line is Emil Johansson, world’s best Swedish player, and one of the best, if not the best attacking defender in world, the defender with the most points in the SSL and who picks assists like strawberries on a warm Summer’s day. Alexander Galante Carlström is one of the most well-known players in the world and the archetype of a well-rounded floorball sniper. Then we have Rasmus Enström, who is partner in crime with Carlström. Rasmus Enström is the Messi of floorball, combining incredible technical skills and balance with unparalleled game-vision. Together, the three players form the core of Falun’s first line.

Young superstar-in-making Malte Lundmark took the SSL by storm at only 17 years. Currently he is the fifth player in points in this team full of superstars. Despite his age, the youngster plays with a routine you normally see at a much older age. With many of world’s greatest players playing with him and teaching him – he has undoubtedly a bright future ahead of him.

The list of players worthy of a mention does not stop here and each warrants an individual article: from the experienced Swedish national team captain Johan Samuelsson, the rise of Omar Aldeeb (currently #5 in the Swedish point league), Thomas Homlgren who is making Falun’s defence solid to Johannes Larsson who was hugely missed in Prague. Despite their dip in performance at the end of the season, this team should slice their way through the play-offs and are a clear favorite to win the title altogether.

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