WFC 2017

Can Cecilia Di Nardo become ALL-TIME top scorer at the WFC?

Image: IFF

In one hour, Denmark and Estonia start off their game for 9th-12th spot. Player to look at in the Danish squad is Cecilia Di Nardo. In the previous four games, she gained ten points already by scoring nine times and giving one assist. Her last goal was a record-breaking one: she is now (together with Emelie Lindstrom and Hermine Dahlerus) all-time top scorer during World Floorball Championships.

  1. Emelie Lindstrom (Sweden): 37 goals in 24 games
  2. Cecilia Di Nardo (Denmark): 37 goals in 26 games
  3. Hermine Dahlerus (Sweden): 37 goals in 35 games
  4. Corin Ruttimann (Switzerland): 34 goals in 27 games
  5. Sara Kristoffersson (Sweden): 33 goals in 28 games

Her goal for today is clear: to score at least once, to claim the first spot for herself only. The game between Denmark and Estonia starts at 11.30 CET. Live streams will be provided by the IFF or can be seen at our site.

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