Swedish Superligan

BREAKING: Storvreta brings down Falun and claims Swedish championship!


Storvreta is the new Swedish champion after defeating Falun with 6-2 in a stacked Globe Arena.

The finals was a rollercoaster of momentum. It was clear Storvreta started the finals one step ahead of Falun. They were faster, more eager and created more chances and the early lead it earned them was deserved. The 1-0 was a break-out goal from Filip Stenmark who was assisted by Nicklas Paulsson – assisted all the way from behind his own goal. It didn’t take long for the 2-0 to fall as well when Henrik Stenberg had the overview to give a world class assist to Jimmie Petterson. It took around 13 minutes for Falun to wake up but when they did, the audience knew it. Falun won duels, had the ball for most of the time and, most importantly, could capitalize on it through a goal of Thomas Holmgren.

Momentum was completely at Falun’s side and this continued in the first couple of minutes of the second period in which Storvreta didn’t touch the ball. However, when they did, it meant trouble for Falun as Tobias Gustafsson was fouled earning Storvreta a powerplay. Falun defended bravely and was even able to equalize after the powerplay with a goal by Rasmus Enström. Then Storvreta’s third line stood up. It was just in a short timeframe but it was enough to double the score for Storvreta to 4-2. Fredrik Lindholm, first, was able to rebound Valdemar Alroth’s shot while the latter, just moments after, scored a goal for himself.

In the final period it was clear Falun needed to bring more to the field than what they had done before but they were simply unable to. With no goals and 3 minutes left, Falun pulled their goalkeeper to force a 6 vs 5 but this only led to more Storvreta goals. Albin Sjögren scored his first goal of the day in an empty net goal and immediately celebrated with the Storvreta fans that were seated behind the goal knowing Falun needed nothing short of a miracle to make a comeback. The final goal of the day and the season was by Alexander Rudd – shortly afterward the Storvreta players started running towards the rink to celebrate their Swedish championship.

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