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BREAKING: Nico Salo and Mika Kohonen leave FC Helsingborg

Photo: IFF / Per Wiklund

FC Helsingborg’s Finnish star-duo Mika Kohonen and Nico Salo won’t continue playing for the team next season.

SSL team FC Helsingborg has been the home for many Finnish star players throughout the years. This season they had no fewer than 4; Juha Kivilehto (who left mid-season), Petri Hakonen, Mika Kohonen and Nico Salo. However, none of them will play for the team next season, says club director Fredrik Azelius to Helsingborgs Dagblad.

Mika Kohonen came to Helsingborg in the summer of 2016 on a transfer from SPV in the Finnish Salibandyliiga and immediately took over as captain. He had ambitions to reach the gold but never came further than quarterfinals after losing 0-4 to Falun last season, and then 0-4 against Storvreta this season.

Nico Salo teamed up with his countrymen in Helsingborg 1 year later after leaving Finland and SC Classic. In his first and only season at the club, he produced 27 points in total (12+15).

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