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BREAKING: Martin Tokos back to Czech Republic – personal reasons cited

Photo: Per Wiklund

The mid-season transfer bomb couldn’t be more of a surprise: Florbal Vitkovice just announced Czech international Martin Tokos is coming back to Czech Republic.

After a disappointing start of the season with the Swiss NLA team Chur Unihockey, Czech forward Martin Tokos decided, citing personal family-related reasons, to move back to his roots to play for Vitkovice which he left a couple of years ago for foreign adventures. The contract has been signed until the end of the 2017/2018 season.

Martin Tokos is one of the most famous players from Czech Republic – mainly due to his performance on an international level. He rose to glory when he scored the winning 4-3 goal against Chodov in the Czech super finals with his team Vitkovice. After that, the ambitious forward moved to Sweden where he played with Jönköping but he soon moved to the more ambitious IBK Dalen.

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It was big news when Falun announced that Tokos would play for them starting the 2016/2017 season. The season was a success: Martin Tokos would be the first Czech to win the Swedish Super League. However, with the star line-up Falun possesses the international had limited playing time. After the season, it was decided he had to find a new club.

This club became Chur Unihockey, one of Switzerland’s best clubs. However, the start of the season left much to be desired. After eight playing rounds, Chur finds itself on the 11th, second to last, position. Martin Tokos’ contribution: 7 goals and 2 assists.

Vitkovice’s president Tomas Krasny: “For us, it’s an early Christmas present. A club icon returns and I believe it will help us with our goal: winning the Czech Superfinale.”


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