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After defeating Sweden in the final of WFC 2018, Finland has defended their title as the world champions of floorball. Final score: 6-3.

Next to the goalkeepers, one of the least expected players on the field scored the first goal of the game as 37-year old Juha Kivilehto (who hadn’t scored a WFC goal in 6 years) took a shot from the side from the side that somehow found it’s way past a frustrated Johan Rehn.

A shoulder to Lauri Stenfors’ head sent Rasmus Enström off on a penalty, but the Finns failed to capitalize on their 2 minutes of man advantage. With everything on the line, both teams were avoiding any type of mistake at all cost, which led to more passiveness and no more goals before heading into the first break.

Just like in the previous period, Finland scored another goal in the 3rd minute. This time, however, from a more familiar and expected face: last WFC’s top scorer and MVP Peter Kotilainen.

A way into the game was given to Sweden when Kotilainen then was sent off 2 minutes. And only within a few seconds, they scored their first as the Falun trio of Enström, Johansson, and Galante passed each other before finding the net through the last one mentioned.

The pattern of an early goal followed in the final period of the championship when Alexander Rudd snatched the ball from Stenfors, ran up and took a backhand shot from far away that Eero Kosonen failed to catch.

But the Swedes being on equal ground wouldn’t last for too long as Kivilehto scored his 2nd of the game, followed by 4-2 from Kotilainen, and then 5-2 by their captain Nico Salo – all within 3 minutes!


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A glimmer of hope was lit up for Sweden as they were handed a penalty which Alexander Rudd used to reduce the gap to 5-3. But their gamble on 6v5 only led to Sami Johansson putting the nail in the coffin as he scored 6-3 in an open net.

Congratulations Finland!

1 – 003.308. Juha Kivilehto66. Mikko LeikkanenFIN
2 – 023.5761. Peter Kotilainen36. Ville LastikkaFIN
2 – 1 pp.27.259. Alexander Galante Carlstrom22. Emil JohanssonSWE
2 – 242.4192. Alexander Ruddno assistantSWE
3 – 246.218. Juha Kivilehto61. Peter KotilainenFIN
4 – 248.3461. Peter Kotilainen21. Tatu VaananenFIN
5 – 249.3520. Nico Salo17. Janne LamminenFIN
5 – 3 ps.55.2992. Alexander Ruddno assistantSWE
6 – 3 en.58.1177. Sami Johansson9. Eemeli SalinFIN

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