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BREAKING: Alexander Rudd caught DUI – banned from play until further notice and has to follow program

Picture by Adam Troy

Sad news from Uppsala: during a routine police check Storvreta’s star center Alexander Rudd was caught driving under the influence in a sobriety test. The DUI (Driving Under Influence) will have far stretching consequences for the player.

In a press release, Storvreta IBK stated that last Thursday Alexander Rudd was caught driving above the legal limit during a routine check (above 0.02 per mil in Sweden). Storvreta ‘takes the matter very seriously’ as it is a criminal offence as well as a breach of Storvreta’s alcohol and drugs policy.

After confirming the course of events a Support & Action program will be launched for Alexander Rudd with immediate effect. Furthermore, Rudd has to follow the program in its entirety.

Lastly, Alexander Rudd will be barred from training and matches until further notice.

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