Bohemia Trophy – these are the teams you can expect to play

Photo: Per Wiklund

For the next couple of days, Czech Republic will be the decor of the first big pre-season tournament of season 18/19. Here are the teams that will play in the Bohemia Trophy! The tournament starts tomorrow and we will publish the schedule later.

Linköping IBK, Sweden
IBK Dalen, Sweden
SB Welhot, Finland
Sparta Praha, Czech Republic
Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
National team, Slovakia

Some games, including Dalen’s and Linköping’s opening match will be streamed live. You can find the link here.

The streams will be free to watch, although you might need a VPN (which tricks the browser to think you are from one specific country)! We recommend PureVPN, which starts at $2.87 per month. 



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