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Big SSL conflict: will SSL clubs start their own commercial league?

Photo: Per Wiklund

Earlier this morning the Swedish Floorball Federation released a press statement regarding a conflict about the rights for the Swedish Super League.

The conflict revolves around a disagreement between the Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF) and the Swedish Super League Association (FSSL), about the rights that SIBF has in the games of SSL.

Some parts of FSSL, which consists of the clubs participating in the Swedish Super League, are dissatisfied with their involvement about how the sponsor incomes are distributed and would like to have a larger slice of the cake.

SIBF argues that their way to distribute the sponsor income between the elite and the rest, which give a relatively bigger portion to the rest-group, is fairer. They believe the whole floorball movement will benefit more from it. They say that they’re open to the idea of giving FSSL a bigger slice and that they already last year gave them another 1 000 000 SEK (roughly 100 000 EUR).

In a debate article in Innebandymagazinet, Vice Chairman Märit Bergendahl and Secretary General Göran Harnesk say the dialog between SIBF and FSSL has been tough, and the conflict has drained energy and taken an unreasonably lot of time.

At the end of the article, it’s brought up that FSSL have called all elite clubs to a meeting on the 17th of September, where the negotiations with the SIBF will be brought up, and it’s rumored that some clubs want to start their own commercial league which wouldn’t be connected to the Swedish Federation.

Source: SIBF


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