WFC 2018

Best pictures of the Group Phase (part 3)

After four days of great Group Games, we’re now in the middle of playoff games and quarterfinals. Looking back at the group phase, we’ve made a big selection of the best pictures. Here’s part 3!

Love to see floorball passion like this!

Just like here.

… and here!

The audience has been great so far!

Michal Dudovic scoring through a penalty shot.

Tough question: goal or no goal?

Look at how much the sticks are bending.

Floorball fans are the best.

Again: goal or no goal?

Referee Rickard Wissman is fine with it.

It’s Team Australia’s mascotte!

How close to the ball can they get?

Every team’s best fan!

Alexander Rudd chilling on the bench.

Sometimes, things get rough!

Guess this is not allowed…

What an entrance!

Look how happy Johan Samuelsson (Sweden) is big his birthday cake!

The Swedes have celebrated many goals already.

Australia before the start of the period.

All pictures have been made by the IFF. We’ll get back to you with more pictures!

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