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Australia wins AOFC cup after thrilling overtime final

Australia and Japan met today at the final of the AOFC cup. Both teams won their groups in the group stage and qualified for the WFC 2019, but now: the victory in the AOFC cup was at stake.

The last times these teams faced each other was in 2017, when Japan beat the Aussies 5-4. The team took the lead today quite early, but Australia equalized within minutes. In the second period, Australia scored two quick goals (at 20.52 and 21.39) and Japan needed some time to react. However, at 30.03 and 32.31, Japan showed they too could score twice in a row within minutes: 3-3.

Two goals followed in the final period. First, it was Australia through Blaise Hodges to take the lead, but Yui Goto equalized the score and put the game into overtime. What followed was thrilling, with big chances on both sides. After nearly seven minutes, Amanda Bartrim became Australia’s hero by scoring the 5-4.

Bronze final

Thailand has won the bronze final. The team took a 3-0 lead against Singapore in the first lead, but Singapore fought back to 3-2. Again, Thailand took a three-goal lead (5-2), but in the final ten minutes of the game, Singapore scored twice. Luckily for Thailand, no further goals were scored, granting them the bronze medal.

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