WFC 2017

Australia claims 15th place by defeating Singapore

Thanks to a final-period breakaway Australia could claim the 15th place in this WFC. This meant that Singapore has to agree with the last place without winning any game for themselves. The match ended 4-3 for Australia.

Singapore quickly opened the score with a goal of Shannon Yeo who found the net after just 2 minutes of play. While the level of play was around the same level it looked as if Singapore was a tad more energetic than their opponents. Around halfway the first period the team scored another goal when Hui Hui Ong’s shot found the net after what seemed to be a deflection. However, Australia quickly found the answer and a counter later Yasmin Skene signed for the 1-2. Just 4 minutes later Hannah Quaife scored in powerplay for her country which equalized the score.

Surprisingly, the second period remained without any goals. There were many shots on goal so it wasn’t thanks to a lack of input there were no goals.

Things changed in the final period. Within ten minutes Australia saw themselves in the lead by 2 points when Hanna Quaife scored her second goal and Ruby Wright put in the 4-2. Singapore started pressing and was rewarded with a goal 4 minutes before time. When another goal didn’t occur the Singaporean coaching staff decided to pull out the goalkeeper to play 6 vs 5 but unfortunately for the team, this didn’t result in any more goals.

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