Assist queens of the U19 WFC (Top list)

#18 Johansson (Image: André Burri/IFF)

Not only dominated Sweden the tournament, the individual players also dominate the top lists.

In the top 10 of assist givers, Sweden has eight players involved. Top assist giver is Wilma Johansson, who also became top point scorer with twenty points. She gave thirteen assists in only five games! #2 on the list is Amanda Ljunggren with ten assists. Poland’s Dominika Buczek and Switzerland’s Luana Rensch (both four assists) are the only two players from outside Sweden that made it to this top 10!

1.Wilma JohanssonSWE WU195713200
2.Amanda LjunggrenSWE WU195410140
3.Ellen BackstedtSWE WU195126180
4.Alicia SvenssonSWE WU1952570
5.Dominika BuczekPOL WU1952460
6.Lisa SvarfvarSWE WU1951450
7.Linnea WilhelmssonSWE WU1950440
8.Luana RenschSUI WU1940442
9.Frida SwahnSWE WU195113140
10.Emma StenbergSWE WU195103130
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