AOFC group stage over: results and standings

After three days, the group stage of the AOFC cup is over. Here’s an overview of the standings after each team has played three times in its group.

Group A
Thailand vs. Korea 6-7
Malaysia vs. Pakistan 5-1
Korea vs. Pakistan 18-2
Thailand vs. Malaysia 8-4
Pakistan vs. Thailand 2-9
Korea vs. Malaysia 3-5

Three teams gained four points and Korea has the best goal difference. However, as the matches against the 4th ranked team, in this case Pakistan, are excluded from the calculations, this means that Korea (+3) is placed first, followed by Korea (-1) and Malaysia (-2).

Standings Group A
1. Thailand – 4 points (23-13)
2. Korea – 4 points (28-13)
3. Malaysia – 4 points (14-12)
4. Pakistan – 0 points (5-32)

Group B
Philippines vs. India 5-4
Singapore vs. Japan 10-1
Japan vs. India 9-6
Singapore vs. Philippines 18-2
India vs. Singapore 2-16
Japan vs. Philippines 3-5

Standings Group B
1. Singapore – 6 points (43-5)
2. Philippines – 4 points (12-24)
3. Japan – 2 points (13-21)
4. India – 0 points (12-30)

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