Another setback to Sweden’s EFT roster – Viktor Klintsten ruled out

This weekend Sweden will travel to Brno in the Czech Republic to participate in the Euro Floorball Tour. However, they’ll have to do it without Storvreta’s Viktor Klintsten who’s having issues with his knee.

Not only will Sweden have to play without their stars Rasmus Enström and Kim Nilsson. Storvreta IBK’s goalkeeper Viktor Klintsten had to cancel due to feeling worn out and having issues with his left knee. Replacing him is IBK Dalen’s Måns Parjsö-Tegner.

Sweden’s EFT lineup

Måns Parjsö-Tegner, IBK Dalen
Johan Rehn, IBF Falun

Field players:
Jonas Adriansson, IBF Falun
Henrik Stenberg, Storvreta IBK
Gustav Fritzell, Linköping IBK
Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun
Kim Ganevik, Mullsjö AIS*
Tobias Gustafsson, Storvreta IBK
Kasper Hedlund, Mullsjö AIS
Oskar Hovlund, Linköping IBK*
Emil Johansson, IBF Falun
Markus Jonsson, Växjö IBK
Johannes Larsson, IBF Falun
Robin Nilsberth, Storvreta IBK
Niklas Winroth, Storvreta IBK
Sebastian Palmqvist, Mullsjö AIS
Alexander Rudd, Storvreta IBK
Johan Samuelsson, Unihockey Tigers Lagnau
Mattias Samuelsson, Storvreta IBK
Albin Sjögren, Storvreta IBK
Rasmus Sundstedt, HC Rychenberg
Jonas Svahn, IBK Dalen


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