10 December 2019
WFC 2017

Anna Wijk’s WFC stick sold for over 1 000 Euro

Anna Wijk, the world’s best female floorball player has gotten her WFC stick sold for 10 101 Swedish crowns. The money is going to the ”Musikhjälpen” charity.

The Swedish Floorball Federation has gotten themselves involved in a charity program by the Swedish Radio called ”Musikhjälpen”, whose purpose is to raise awareness about human trafficking.

They’ve in total raised over 30 000 Swedish Crowns, which is roughly 3 000 Euro. One third of that comes from Anna Wijk’s stick which she used at the World Floorball Championships 2017. It was bought by the highest bidding account ”Samuele76” at the site tradera.se.

The remaining money comes from an auction where the winner would get to practice with the Swedish men’s national team next spring, and get VIP tickets to the playoff finals in April.

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