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Anna Wijk & Co. too strong for Classic – KAIS Mora wins bronze in Uppsala Floorball Challenge!

In the battle of the Uppsala Floorball Challenge bronze medal, two 2015/16 playoff finalists played eachother. Swedish KAIS Mora, who lost the semifinal to league competitor IKSU faced Finnish Salibandy Club Classic, who lost to FBC Uppsala in a penalty shootout.

It only took Mora 2 minutes to score their first goal, although no more goals were scored during the first period, even though plenty of chances were created, especially by Swedes.
KAIS Mora would be the dominating team throughout the entire game, although we didn’t see another goal until the 11th minute in the second period, when Anna Wijk extended Mora’s lead to 2-0. Wijk would also make it 3-0 6 minutes later.

The deadly trio consisting of Anna Wijk, Therese Karlsson and Swiss international Michelle Wiki were the stars of the game, being involved in 7 of the 9 goals KAIS Mora scored.

It took Classic 47 minutes until they scored their first goal, making it 4-1, but Mora responded only seconds later, extending their lead once again. Classic took a chance with 6 minutes left in the game and decided to take out their goalkeeper, although it didn’t give them the result they were looking for. Instead, KAIS More instantly scored two goal in an open cage, making it 8-2. If the victory wasn’t secured earlier it most certainly was now. Classic managed to score one goal in the last couple of minutes but never managed to threaten KAIS Mora who won the game with 9-3 and wins the bronze medal of the Uppsala Floorball Challenge.

Final result: 9-3


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