WFC 2018

And the first team to qualify for the WFC2018 is … Australia!

Photo IFF Flickr

World’s first WFC2018 participant is Australia! The team qualified themselves after a narrow victory versus Thailand in the AOFC qualifications.

With just two wins Australia managed to grab the first WFC ticket! By defeating other favorites Korea (9-2) and Thailand (4-3) the team was already certain of a first place in group A which automatically gives entry to the WFC2018 which will be held in Prague December 1-9. Later Australia faces the last group hurdle, China, who were defeated by Thailand with 37-1 earlier this week. On Saturday the finals await against the winner of Group B which theoretically could be any of the 4 teams but will most likely be either Japan or Singapore.

Read more about the AOFC qualifiers here.

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