19 November 2019
WFC 2017

All you’ve missed about the third day of the World Floorball Championships!

Yesterday, Day 3 of the WFC has been played. The group games in Group C are over already, with Slovakia as winner

In the other groups, the decisions will fall today. Estonia beat Singapore and finished at second place in group C. The USA and Thailand put on a fantastic fight, with the USA winning 9-7 in the end. The home crowd saw a fantastic performance from their team Slovakia, who beat Australia with insane numbers: 1-21. Germany was going to be the only team of the day that wouldn’t score: Switzerland was far too strong with a 0-14 result. Finland is heading for the victory in its group by beating Norway 10-1, including some fabulous goals. The last game of the day became another slaughter: Sweden crushed Poland 17-2.

All games
Singapore – Estonia 4-10 [report / highlights]
USA – Thailand 9-7 [report / highlights]
Australia – Slovakia 1-21 [report / highlights]
Germany – Switzerland 0-14 [report / highlights]
Finland – Norway 10-1 [report / highlights]
Sweden – Poland 17-2 [report / highlights]

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