24 October 2019
Champions Cup

All-Star Team Champions Cup 2019 (men)

With the Champions Cup 2019 over (and Classic as winner after their big victory over Storvreta), we can have a look at the all-star team.

Three players from Classic made it to the squad of MVP’s, but no forwards were among them. In the forward line, we see the only player from Köniz: Jan Zaugg. He played a fantastic bronze final today against Florbal MB. To finish the list, two players from Storvreta have been chosen.

Lassi Toriseva (Classic)

Krister Savonen (Classic)
Robin Nilsberth (Storvreta)

Niko Salo (Classic)

Albin Sjögren (Storvreta)
Jan Zaugg (Köniz)

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