Alexander Rudd “I’ve learnt to appreciate this type of event in a completely new manner”

Photo: International Floorball Federation

Alexander Rudd comes with an intricate history of injuries, some more serious than others but the one we all remember is the concussion that ended his journey to the World Championships in 2016. It makes sense, the guy can reach anything of the top shelves in a grocery store and taking the ball from him is like the opposite of stealing candy from a child, of course someone was going to bulldoze him eventually. He’s back for real now and Sweden is through after beating Finland, Norway and Denmark but what is a fully Scandinavian group like?

– It’s actually not something I’ve thought about but of course it’s fun to play against your neighbours, especially Denmark as we haven’t gotten to play them that many times. Finland and Norway we’ve played a lot as it is but yeah, it is what it is!

Sweden’s got the luxury of resting for the following two days, what does the Swedish national team normally get up to during your in between time?

– We do a lot of prehab so to speak, soften up the bodies through treatments and just feel good together as a group at the hotel and out and about on town. We don’t do too much when we go out, it’s mostly cruising and a coffee (more specifically a Swedish fika) just to get some rest for the weekend. 

How would you describe coming back from your concussion and taking a spot in the Swedish team?

– Where do I start? It feels like I’m enjoying this so much more than I have before. I debuted in the national team during my first season in SSL but I don’t want to say that I’ve taken my place in the national team for granted. I suffered a concussion and almost had to quit floorball entirely so I feel that I’ve learnt to appreciate this in a completely new manner. I know how quickly everything can turn around and how the opportunity to represent Sweden can disappear so I feel like I can truly cherish this World Championships!

Sweden’s next game will be on Friday against Slovakia or Germany but until then, Swedish fika!

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