Swedish Superligan

Alexander Hallen: “We are going to stay on the throne and defend our gold!”

Photo: Per Wiklund

Last week, Falun sniper Alexander Hallen made his debut for the Swedish national team during the WFC Qualifications. Time to sit down with him and ask him some questions about the past week but also a good moment to briefly look at the upcoming SSL period.

Can you describe how you feel after this WFCQ week?
It was a great week. It was special to play for your country the first time. So it was a proud moment for me. The games we played were very different from the games in SSL. It’s tougher and harder to play against the teams in SSL. But it was a great experience for me to play for Sweden.

“We are going to stay on the throne and defend our gold!”

What do you think of your own performance during the games you played?
I think I showed what I can do and how I play floorball. They weren’t so hard games and we won quite easily. But I’m happy with me and the team’s performance.

Did you get any feedback from your coach Mikael Hill? 
I received a lot of feedback from Mikael Hill and the other coaches. What we talked about was a lot about how I play and what I can do better. I got great feedback from everybody, from both coaches and players in the team.

Back to Sweden: Falun and Storvreta are title candidates for the Swedish gold. What do you think makes Storvreta so strong this season and do you have what it takes to win against them?
I think they have an even squad. Three formations that are good. But we have a stronger team and are much better. We are going to stay on the throne and defend our gold!

You have one of the most accurate shots in the SSL. How did you get to this point?
Just practice all the time and try to score every single time, even in the warm-ups. And I have played a lot outside in the streets with my friends since I was a little boy. That is the most enjoyable training you can do!

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