Swedish Superligan

Alexander Galante Carlström best SSL scorer of ALL TIME!

Alexander Galante Carlström just became the Swedish Super League’s best goal scorer in history as he scored his 477th league goal.

IBF Falun are currently in a heated quarterfinal series against IBK Dalen. After roughly 13 minutes played their top scorer Alexander Galante Carlström found the net to put them up in a 3-1 lead. However, it wasn’t just any goal – it was his 477th in the league, which puts him at the #1 spot of the best SSL scorers of all time.

But the 29-year old is far from finished. With several years left of the career and a newly signed 3-year contract extension with Falun, it would take much for him not to run away and take the record to another level. Already in the game’s 3rd period, he followed up with his 478th.

Top 10 SSL goal scorers of all time
1) Alexander Galante Carlström, 478
2) Hannes Öhman, 476
3) Magnus Svensson, 474
4) Niklas Jihde, 422
5) Mikael Holmer, 393
6) Johan Anderson, 380
7) Mika Kohonen, 361
8) Peder Bodén, 355
9) Daniel Johnsson, 354
10) Rasmus Enström, 331

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