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Albin Sjögren: “I received a bit more playing time to increase my chances to win the point league.”

Picture by Per Wiklund

Congratulations on winning the point league! Apart from being ‘in the books’, were there other things to make it special?
Thanks! Yes, it does feel like something special. A bit more media attention but above all glorified! Winning the point league is not something anyone can do.

Have you reached the peak in your floorball career or will we see more of you in coming years?
Personally, it’s a big accomplishment but I’m looking to grow even more. I have now experienced winning the point league but I shall be up there every year as long as I’m fresh and free from injury.

Max Wahlgren (Pixbo) ended below you with just one point difference. Did you stay up-to-date during the final minutes of the game while you were sitting on the bench?
I knew he had earned one point in two periods. But in the final period, I simply tried to take as many points as possible and I received a bit more playing time to increase my chances to win the point league.

Let’s talk playoffs. Storvreta had the first pick for the playoffs and chose Helsingborg. Was this a decision the players were also involved in or was it purely made by the coaches?
Everyone had the chance to have their voices heard but, in the end, it was the player council together with the trainers to make the decision.

What do you personally think about playing against Helsingborg?
It’s a good team, every team in the playoffs is good. I go in with a good feeling. I go into the playoffs with a good feeling given we played them in our final regular season game (red., Storvreta won 10-6).

Watch – Highlights: Storvreta – Helsingborg 10-6

What is Helsingborg’s biggest strength and what is their biggest weakness?
Their strength lies in their offense while their weakness can be found in their defense.


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