Albin Sjögren: “I believe that I will win the point league sometime in my career.”

Photo: Per Wiklund

After an amazing performance against Falun with 2 assists next to his hattrick, the Storvreta star answers some of our most burning questions!


The rivalry between Falun and Storvreta goes back a long time and it would be hard to find two teams that are as evenly matched as these two. Winning against Falun obviously means a lot to Albin: “It feels good of course, the team are in good form and we are playing a fun type of floorball now with a lot of speed.”

Looking at the statistics, we see that in the last couple of games Albin took at least 2 points in every game including a couple of important opening goals. It looks like Albin is in good form: “I guess you can say that. When your team is playing well then it’s much more fun to play so I think that is why I play well right now.” 

Speaking of opening goals: against Falun Albin scored already after 5 minutes. How important is such an early goal for his personal performance during a game? “I think it is important for me. You feel that you are more in the game and get better self-confidence.”

Those who have a look at the Swedish point league see that Albin currently occupies the third place with only 3 points away from #1 Max Wahlgren. However tempting, this is not something to occupy his mind: “No, it doesn’t occupy my mind. I have a lot more years left in this sport. I believe that I will win the point league sometime in my career.”



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