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Albin Sjögren best scorer of Swedish Super League 2017/18

Photo: Per Wiklund

Storvreta IBK’s Albin Sjögren has with his 70 points in 32 games become SSL’s best point scorer of the season.

It was close up until the final minutes of the final round, but Storvreta IBK’s 23-year old right wing forward Albin Sjögren became the winner of the SSL’s scoring league season 2017/18. With his 32 goals and 38 assists, he took the first place right before Pixbo’s Max Wahlgren who scored 69 (39+30).

Sjögren, who stood on 66 points before the game had a 2 point advantage to Max Wahlgren going into the game against Helsingborg. Both players stood for a class performance, which resulted in a thrilling battle to the very last minute until it was certain that Sjögren, who scored 3+1 just about claimed the first place over Wahlgren, who did 3+2.

Galante, last season’s point scoring winner ended up on 7th place with his 57 points (42+15). He did, however only play 26 throughout the season due to injuries, and actually averaged more points per game (1.92), compared to Sjögren (1.86).

Previous scoring league winners
2016/17 – Alexander Galante Carlström, Falun, 93 (68+25)*
2015/16 – Alexander Galante Carlström, Falun, 75 (47+28)
2014/15 – Billy Nilsson, IK Sirius IBK, 58 (34+24)
2013/14 – Patrik Malmström, Pixbo Wallenstam, 70 (50+20)
2012/13 – Alexander Galante Carlström, Falun, 61 (50+11)
2011/12 – Rasmus Enström, Falun, 64 (39+25)

*Before season 2016/17, only 26 games were played during the regular season, which they’ve increased to 32.

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