A peek into floorball in… Kenya!

All pictures by James Ogolla

Floorball in Kenya is booming but they do play it in their own way. Check out this blog article by James Ogolla who describes how floorball found its way into his country!

Kenya is one of the biggest sports nations of the African continent and floorball is one of the many sports that are played there. The game has been developed in its own unique way and one variant actually received its own name: 254Floorball comes from the country’s phone code (+254)  and brings a new way of play. Without efficient sports facilities to run tournaments, the game had to adapt and a different gameplay was improvised suitable for the terrain. This means the game is played without a rink and without a completely smooth and flat floor. Players who like aerial plays and volleys more than the usual tiki-taka floorball will certainly love it!

Kenya has adopted  254Floorball and official floorball wholeheartedly to an extent that leagues and tournaments of both versions of floorball run side by side with over 70 registered teams from primary schools, high schools, colleges, university campuses, and regular clubs. In Kenya, a total of two leagues are played within a year and summer tournaments are hosted in between breaks that also sees players transfers, not on a monetary basis, but for the growth of the game.

There are also ‘area code matches’ in which teams can claim bragging rights over an area, similar to derbies! For instance, the Kenyatta University team and the team from floorball clubs Tsunami both hail from the Thika Highway and thus organize derby tournaments known as the Highway Derby. This derby is the most watched floorball match in Kenya.

Kenya also has a men’s national team that went to Uganda to play the first ever E.A Floorball Championships in Lugogo. It was a big success defeating the hosts Uganda with 3-1. The tournament also gave birth to the first ever E.A Inter-University Championship that saw Kenyatta University and Makerere go to a goalless draw. So far Kenya hasn’t appeared in any international match like WFC qualifiers but it’s a country to keep an eye on!

The 254Foorball is best seen in its natural habitat, we welcome all to come and have a taste of the pie.


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