22 January 2020
Finland-Sweden Challenge

5 debutants in Sweden’s lineup that will face Finland

On Saturday the 2nd of February Sweden will play Finland in the bi-annual Finland-Sweden challenge. Head coach Mikael Hill has made big changes in the roster since the WFC in December.

Måns Parsjö-Tegnér, IBK Dalen
Jonathan Edling, FC Helsingborg

Field Players
Omar Aldeeb, IBF Falun*
Alexander Galante Carlström, IBF Falun
Kim Ganevik, Mullsjö AIS
Linus Holmgren, IBK Dalen*
Oskar Hovlund, Linköping IBK
Emil Johansson, IBF Falun
Markus Jonsson, Växjö IBK
Oskar Malmgren, Mullsjö AIS*
Emil Nilsen, Jönköpings IK*
Kim Nilsson, FBC Kalmarsund
Niklas Ramirez, Växjö IBK
Simon Palmén, Linköping IBK
Johan Samuelsson, IBF Falun
Albin Sjögren, Storvreta IBK
Anton Vestlund, Mullsjö AIS
Otto Weidman, Jönköpings IK*


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