WFC 2018

4 young players who left their mark on this WFC

Every WFC there is the tale of those players who were unknown to the general audience but rose up to the challenge and printed their name into the hearts of fans. Here are 5 young players that surprised the most this WFC.

Jan Zaugg

Arguably, Jan Zaugg is one of the most entertaining players to watch. His creativity combined with his technical and routined style of play makes you wonder how it’s possible he is only 21-years old. He played an excellent debut WFC and it’s very exciting to see where and how his journey will continue! 

Ville Lastikka

The strong forward of Salibandyliiga’s club (Finland’s highest league) Steelers played his debut WFC and definitely left his mark on the tournament. He played with a determination and routine you wouldn’t expect from a 22-year old. This is most definitely not his last WFC.

Markus Jelsnes

An incredible performance from the goalkeeper of Norway against Switzerland. The 24-year old stood for an excellent performance on his 3rd WFC and showed why he is playing for Mullsjö, one of the best clubs in the world. 

Filip Langer

The Czech wunderkind is only 16-years old but is already playing with the senior Czech team. He received ample game time and scored his debut WFC goal against no team other than Switzerland. We can only guess where he will be in a couple of years.

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