3 SSL players from Helsingborg and Lindås suspended

3 Swedish Super League players have been suspended between 1-5 games. 2 of them from Lindås Rasta IBK, 1 from FC Helsingborg.

Albin Jansson, Lindås
Violence (2 games)

In the heated Gothenburg derby against Pixbo Wallenstam, Albin Jansson ran with high speed towards the goalkeeper Jon Hedlund in a counter-attack. After passing his teammate Patrik Malmström, Jansson ran past the goal and slapped his stick to the neck of Hedlund. He didn’t receive any punishment during the game but has now been suspended for 2 games.

Max Källerteg, Lindås
Violence (5 games)

Roughly 35 minutes after the first incident with Albin Jansson, Max Källersteg gave Andreas Stefansson a hit to the face and was immediately sent off with a red card. Luckily for Stefansson, he didn’t get injured and was back on the field not too long later (and even scored a game decider). Källerteg was reported by Pixbo and has now been suspended 5 games.

Fredi Petersson, Helsingborg
Unsportsmanlike behavior (1 game)

Only a few minutes before the game against Höllviken was over, FC Helsingborg’s young talent Fredi Petersson fell to the ground a bit too easily after a light collision with an opponent. No actions were taken during the game but he’s now been suspended 1 game for his diving.



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