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3 debutantes in Finland’s WFC 2018 qualifier lineup

Finland are ready for the upcoming World Floorball Championships 2018 qualifiers. Just like their rival Sweden, they’re trying out 3 new players in this lineup. The qualifiers will begin in the end of January.

Joonas Kaltiainen, Esport Oilers
Pyry Luukkonen, TPS

Janne Lamminen, Classic
Matias Veikkola, SPV
Jonne Junkkarinen, Happee
Lauri Stenfors, TPS
Krister Savonen, Classic
Atte Eeronen, Classic*
Otto Lehkosuo, Westend Indians*

Aaro Astala, Westend Indians
Eemeli Salin, Classic
Joonas Pylsy, Classic
Nico Salo, FC Helsingborg
Jani Kukkola, EräViikingit
Valtteri Kainulainen, Westend Indians
Casper Pfitzner, Esport Oilers
Sami Johansson, Classic
Jami Manninen, Happee
Miko Kailiala, EräViikingit
Heikki Iiskola, Westend Indians*

(*= debutant)

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