21 September 2019
Swedish Superligan Swiss National League A Transfers

Emil Julkunen signed contract with Grasshoppers and will be Kim Nilsson’s successor

Photo: Per Wiklund

Another big transfer has been reported! This time it’s passing expert Emil Julkunen that leaves Pixbo. He signed a contract for the current Swiss champions Zürich Grasshoppers.

One in one out. That must have been the strategy of Swiss champions Grasshoppers Zürich after they signed Pixbo’s forward Emil Julkunen. Recently Kim Nilsson left the team for a record sum of 1.4 MILLION but now Pixbo announced that they would let go of Emil Julkunen. On Pixbo’s website the following small interview can be found:

Hello Emil and congratulations with the contract! You have played for Pixbo for almost all your life. What made the decision to prove your luck in Switzerland and with the Grasshoppers?

There are many different reasons for it. But above all the desire to try something new and take one of those chances that won’t occur often in someone’s life.  And I thank my girlfriend and family who have supported me to challenge myself and to take this chance.

Grasshoppers just won gold (yes they did!, red.) in Switzerland. What else do you know about the club?

I have gotten a really good image of what the club looks like and how it functions. It also helps that my girlfriend has lived and played in Zürich (UHC Dietlikon). She has talked much about the city, the country and the club.

What do you know  about the level of floorball in Switzerland, are there any key differences from the SSL?

The game in Switzerland is more intensive and more offensive. It’s incredibly fun to watch and it will be incredibly fun to play. It goes more up and forth than in Sweden and in my opinion it’s more eye-pleasing for the crowd than in the SSL.

What do you think your role will be in the team? What will you bring to the games?

The same role as I had earlier. Above all I will contribute with my offensive game deep in the opponents’ area.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you? Both inside and outside the pitch.

To have the chance to play there has been a victory in itself. But to learn a new language and adopt a new culture is a big challenge. Inside the pitch the biggest challenge will be to be a contributor and to take a place in the team.


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