16-year old debutant DECIDES game for Falun – defeats Sirius in overtime penalties

The match between Sirius and Falun was a showcase of what excellent floorball looks like. The new overtime rules gave the match excitement ánd the opportunity for 16-year old supertalent Malte Lundmark’s to show his talent in the final penalty series in which he had to take on Joakim Olsson face-to-face. The game ended 6-5 after overtime penalties.

Hosts Sirius had the strongest start in the first period. With aggressive defense and body checking they left little room for Falun’s three lines. It was especially Falun’s first line that had trouble finding the groove in the game thanks to Sirius’ distortive qualities. It resulted in a game where real chances were scarce. The match’s first big chance was granted to Sirius in the shape of a 2-minute powerplay. The powerplay itself was not the strongest but just at the end, the long-term cooperation between captain Dan Johansson and Johan Eriksson paid off when the first blindly assisted the second in the slot. It would remain goal-less for the rest of the period because neither team gave away anything to their opponent.

Sirius continued their great energetic play in the second period but couldn’t stop Falun’s third line from scoring when the line finished their run with a goal by Simon Cederström. Falun had a big chance to score the 2-1 when Johan Eriksson received a 2-minute penalty but Falun’s powerplay was sloppy and lacked focus and creativity. Because of all the chances, a goal was expected. It came but the goalscorer was quite unexpected. It was 16-year old talent Malte Lundmark who finished a blind pass of Hassan Hajo. The equalizer fell quickly, however, when Sirius defender Karl Kostov-Bredberg took Joakim Olsson’s rebound.  However, it seemed Falun to get increased energy now and, especially the first line, started a barrage of shots at the Sirius’ defense. For a moment it looked like the two teams would enter the break with a draw but it was a failed Sirius’s counter that allowed Falun’s first line to take advantage of Sirius’ out-of-position defense.

It seemed as Falun had taken control of the game as they started the final period strongest. The first line continued its dominance and, at times,  made the Sirius’ defense look weak. However, it was Sirius to draw when Johan Widh was left by himself and could easily volley in the rebound of Johan Erikssons’s shot. Moments later, it even took the lead. In its enthusiasm to score, Falun’s first line had too many players positioned near Sirius’ goal post which resulted in a counter opportunity which was happily finished by Joakim Olsson after a devastating cross of Peter Berlin. Chances went back-and-forth, something which had been happening for the entire match and the home audience had some tense moments as Falun hit the frame on more than one occasion (as did Sirius). Alexander Galante Carlström, who was relatively invisible for the first 50 minutes of the game, presented himself when he made the equalizer after a relatively easy-looking goal. Now the momentum was again with Falun who, at this point in the game, seemed to have more energy and stamina than Sirius. Falun’s first line kept producing and also scored the 5-4. A low shot from Jonas Adriansson was deflected by Rasmsus Enström and surprised the two Sirius’ defenders guarding him. Sirius started making more and more mistakes and sloppy plays and it looked like the long game had taken its toll. However, with five more minutes, they did not have anything to lose as they started their final offense. With two minutes to go, Sirius took a time-out and prepared their 6 vs 5 play.  After a rather uneventful two minutes, the crowd exploded. With just 3 seconds on the clock, Peter Berlin scored the equalizer after Johan Rehn was unable to prevent a rebound on Johan Eriksson’s shot.

The new overtime rules, where the game is continued 4 vs 4 for 5 minutes, also applied to this game. It was a crazy 5 minutes where the audience witnessed countless chances for the guest team while the home team resorted to deadly counters. Despite a huge chance for Sirius near the end, the game was not decided in overtime. Instead, the game had to be decided by penalties. The format, where two players, one from each team, decide the game for their team. If one player scores and the other one misses, it’s over. The penalty shootout was between Joakim Olsson and the 16-year old Falun talent Malte Lundmark. Both players scored their first two penalties, it was Malte’s technical skills that impressed, and both missed their third. When Malte scored his fourth penalty all eyes were pointed towards Joakim Olsson. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster match had to end when Joakim Olsson’s penalty was stopped by national team goalkeeper Johan Rehn. Sirius was able to take one point from reigning champions Falun but – being close to more – it was hard to celebrate.


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