10 reasons why this was the best WFC ever

Sigh, another WFC is over and we have to wait another year until the next one starts (women’s WFC in Switzerland), and even another two years for the next men’s WFC. To look back, we’ve made a list of why this might have been the best World Floorball Championships ever. What do you think?

The organization has been perfect

Compliments to the LOC/Czech Floorball Association, as we don’t see how the organization could have been any better. Of course, behind the curtains, things must have gone bad – or at least, not exactly the way things were planned – but the crowd has not noticed a thing. Flawless.

Finland became World Champion – again (Photo: IFF)

The O2 Arena

This Arena, the same place where the yearly Czech Superfinal is being played, has been amazing. However, it’s not only the building itself, as we move on to the next thing on this list.

The O2 arena (Photo: IFF)

The atmosphere was awesome

The Czech crowd has delivered massively. The power they gave to their home team, the atmosphere they created: awesome! However, it weren’t only Czechs, as the audience has been complemented with floorball lovers from Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland and even further away (Australia, Asian countries and the USA)!

Leikkanen and Kotilainen (Photo: IFF)

More than 181.000 spectators!

We mentioned the audience already, but we didn’t state the exact number of visitors yet. 181.518. Wow! The previous record? ‘Only’ 104.445!

16.112 spectators at the bronze final between Czech Republic and Switzerland (Photo: IFF)

Best – and funniest – commentary

Olly Hogben: if you don’t know his name, then at least you must know his voice. Here’s a video with his best commentary in it. He started doing floorball commentary during The World Games, and since he loves the floorball world this much – and we love him! – he came back. 

It’s been really easy to follow matches and results

Well, for us it’s been really easy as we’ve been able to watch the games live in the arenas. However, one can’t deny the IFF has been doing a great job with the live streams on their YouTube channels. Watching games has become really easy – all without any costs for many viewers! 

Many awesome fans (Photo: IFF)

The ‘smaller’ floorball countries still had 6.000+ spectators.

The AOFC cup (and previously, the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships) has been growing a lot since it started in 2017, but countries like Australia, Singapore and Japan still don’t usually play for a crowd like they have done last week. The same might apply for the smaller European countries too, but in order to help floorball grow, it’s good to have non-European countries develop, too. Next year, the U19 men’s WFC will be held in Canada and in 2021, The World Games will be hosted by Birmingham, USA. 

Singapore vs. Slovakia (photo: IFF)

The level of the referees has been incredible 

The 17th team, that is how referee Rickard Wissman spoke about the referee squad. The seven pairs of referees have done a fantastic job. We haven’t seen a single match in which the refs got into trouble, not once! Yes, one can always disagree with certain smaller or bigger details every game (“that was no 2-min penalty!”), but it’s been rare (although one received a red card…). Well done, refs!

Referee Thomas Andersson (Photo: IFF)


The spectators loved Floorian, and Floorian loved them. Armed with his t-shirt gun, walking around clapping, throwing popcorn around – it didn’t matter, it all helped energizing the crowd. We won’t forget this mascot for a long, long time.

If you look closely, you can see Floorian among the spectators (Photo: IFF)

The games

The games, that’s basically what the World Floorball Championships are all about. And we have not been dissatisfied. The WFC final was a thriller, but perhaps even more exciting has been the semifinal game between Sweden and Switzerland. An even result in regular time, no goals in overtime and a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. Wow!

Daniel Sebek (Czech Republic) during a game (Photo: IFF)

Do you agree with these ten reasons? Or do you have more to add? Go to our Facebook group ‘Floorball Worldwide‘ and let us know! 

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