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Höllviken secures SSL contract after monster performance by Pontus Karlsson Martell

Photo: Per Wiklund

After defeating AIK 6-8 Höllviken secured their spot in the Swedish Super League coming season. Pontus Karlsson Martell stood for a world-class performance with 5 goals scored.

A true thriller was expected to be played in Stockholm as AIK were guested by Höllviken. Two teams heading into the game with the risk of relegation had it all to play for, and it resulted in one of the craziest games of the entire season.

Things began in the favor of the home team, who were up in a 2 goal lead already 3 minutes in after goals by Oskar Hagberg and Kevin Lieback Asp. Höllviken replied through Jakob Gullberg, but 3-1 came roughly halfway into the period after an own goal. Before going into a break, Karlsson Martell scored his first of the evening.

Another 5 goals were scored in the 2nd period. Lieback Asp extended their lead to 4-2 with only 38 seconds gone by. Jesper Andersson, AIK’s 17-year old talent scored his 2nd goal after being assisted by Axel Larson. Karlsson Martell also showed up with his 2nd goal of the game early in the period, but other than that he remained calm before his explosion in the final period.

With no goals scored after the first half of the third period, AIK were in a 6-4 lead. But which so often is the case in floorball, things are only decided in the final 10 minutes. At 10:34 Oskar Hagberg was sent off on a 2-minute penalty, which gave room for Karlsson Martell to complete his hat-trick. No more than 17 seconds later he struck again, equalizing the game. And just after the 15th minute had passed, he scored 6-7, completing his monster performance.

An AIK in shock decided to take out their goalkeeper to play 6v5, but it only led to an unfortunate event where Kevin Lieback Asp embarrassingly scored an own goal and received a red card after smashing his stick against the rink.

Period 1
02:27  1-0 Oskar Hagberg (Linus Hellqvist)
03:09 2-0 Kevin Lieback Asp (Adam Forslöv)
05:21  2-1 Jakob Gullberg  (Fredrik Sjöstedt)
11:58  3-1 Own goal
18:51  3-2 Pontus Karlsson Martell (Daniel Persson)

Period 2
00:38  4-2 Kevin Lieback Asp (Patrik Hagberg)
02:13  4-3 Pontus Karlsson Martell (Johannes Wilhelmsson)
06:34  5-3 Oskar Hagberg (Patrik Hagberg)
10:23  6-3 Jesper Andersson
13:13  6-4 Dennis Sjöstedt (Daniel Persson)

Period 3
11:35 6-5 Pontus Karlsson Martell (Daniel Persson)
11:52 6-6 Pontus Karlsson Martell (Kim Lundström)
15:13  6-7 Pontus Karlsson Martell (Daniel Persson)
19:07 6-8 Own goal

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