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Former SSL coach Oscar Lundin to take over Alligator Malans

In the middle of the season, Oscar Lundin had to leave his coaching role at Warberg IC. Now, 5 months later, he has made his choice for the future – to move abroad and coach Swiss NLA team Alligator Malans. The contract extends 1 year.

It was in late October that Warberg IC decided that they weren’t happy with the team’s results under Lundin as head coach – so he had to leave, to later on be replaced by former Swedish assistant coach UIf Hallstensson.

During the World Championships in December he helped out the Latvian national team to contribute with some strategic knowledge and information about their opponents, but hasn’t beside that been active as a coach.

A couple of weeks ago Alligator Malans took contact with Lundin, who’ve had offers from other teams in Sweden, but not found anything that felt completely right.

..”It’s an organization of which I’ve had good references from other Swedish players who’ve been there.”, Lundin says to Innebandymagazinet.

Alligator Malans finished at 4th place in the regular season, and are currenlty in the middle of a semifinal series against GC Zürich, and find themselves a solid 2-0 lead.



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