Confident Norway claims Gold in B-division with large win vs. Estonia

Norway won the Gold medal defeating Estonia with 12-2. With this victory the Norwegians are promoted to the Division A for the next U19. 

Norway was quick to open the score. Just after 49 seconds the team took the lead with a shot by Adne Overeng who needed little space to score his goal. Norway was the slightly better team, a bit more organized than the Estonians, winning more duels and taking more shots on goal. Estonia equalizer fell halfway the first period but just 5 seconds later Norway took the lead again – right from the face off. Estonia received a powerplay but did not manage to score a goal. Norway seemed to have lost its mojo and received another 2 minute penalty. Then one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament was scored but it was not by Estonia. It was Marius Pedersen to score an amazing shorthanded zorro goal:

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The team continued to play well and dominated the remainder of the first period. The team was given an opportunity for a penalty shot but it missed. However, the powerplay proved more succesful. After a couple of passes of his teammates Marius Pedersen presented himself again with a deadly shot from around the middle line.

The second period Norway’s dominance would continue. And ironically it started again with a shorthanded goal for Norway. Due to – what some would describe as lousy defending – the Norwegian youngsters received a 2 vs 1 situation and scored. The 7-1 was the third goal of Marius Pedersen who ran all his way from his goal – leaving all 5 of Estonian defense behind him. Norway also scored the 8-1 after a couple of efficient passes finalized by a deadly crosspass from Fredrik Gjodalstuen to Magnus Jarberg.

The final period started with yet another shorthanded goal for Norway clearly showing some defensive shortcomings on the Estonian side. The Norwegians continued their aggressive streak and even made their 4th shorthanded goal. By the end of the period the score read 12-2 giving the gold medal to Norway.

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